Sunday, September 14, 2008


I think I'm done with halloween cards for now,  I've had fun making them, I did take alittle break and I made these cute charms from polymer clay.... I decided to make a bracelet out of them. thanks for looking.


audrey h. said...

Wow! Love these cards also. Especially the second one with the little bats. They are so cute :) Your bracelet is awesome. One day I will try polymer clay. I actually think I have some of it somewhere, lol. I love the little pumpkin charms on the bracelet. All the charms are awesome but those little pumpkins really grab me :)

Jennifer Sizemore said...

Oh, I LOVE these cards!!!!!! And that bracelet it to die for - I love it all!!!!!! I need one of those skulls!

Sorry I was busy this trip!

Robyn Phelan Sharp said...

beautiful cards. Thanks for sharing.