Friday, July 27, 2007

Sorry, no artwork today, I felt like blogging my kids today, we drove out to the beach the other day and had taken some pictures, sometimes it good to focus on the simple blessings and thankful that my kids are content.

Jared's favorite leasure time, fish and the beach, I just love to watch my kids enjoy themselves.
Justin getting ready to surf, he loves to boogie board and just bought that new surf board. Hope you all have a good weekend!

Monday, July 09, 2007

I hope everyone is having a good summer, I have been busy with the kids and also living at the beach, I find that I don't get much done during the summer, I managed to get some of the unfinished projects done around my office. Above is a project I started a year ago, I was going to send it to somerset and of course the deadline passed, oh well, maybe next year? It's just a black canvas bag that I purchased from Michaels and embellished it with a vintage photo that I bought from ebay, some fabric, and layered some buttons on the side. a small pin with a stamped witch and charm was added on the handle of the bag. Sorry the picture is so big when you click on it, I forgot to reduce the size!

Another unfinished project that I just finished making. I have reupholstered the chair above. I should've taken a before and after shot, but I forgot. It used to be an orange chair, and I recovered it with a chocolate microfiber fabric. didn't it turn out cute? I did not do the cushions though, I did not want to sew the piping (too much work).
I have family coming for the next several weeks and I will be going to Texas to visit my little sister for a week(I'm excited to see her and her family) So thanks for looking, and hope you all have a safe summer.