Saturday, March 13, 2010


Thanks to Terri for this wonderful shoe template, (was able to make this shoe). The top of the shoe is covered with glitter, doesn't really show up in the picture, love prima flowers, they are so pretty. I'm making a few more, will post them soon. Here's her blog artfulaffirmations, love her artwork!
Still doing a few projects with Alice in wonderland, this little necklace has a key and a bottle with a label that says drink me.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Alice in Wonderland atc's

The image above is Alice in wonderland stamp set from Oxford impressions.

I have been working on some ATC's, stamps from Oxford impressions. I was never interested in Alice in wonderland even the Disney version. I'm hoping the new movie will be good, anything with Johnny Depp is usually entertaining, wonder if my 11 year old son will come with me? lol, probably not. Thanks for looking, have a great Monday!

Valentine 2010

Friends have asked me why I haven't been blogging.....well, life kinda gets in the way when you have kids, it gets busy. I apologize for it but I will try to be a better blogger. I have been crafting, just not uploading them, will try to do better. The two things that I created for Valentines, love the kids image, my computer crashed and I lost them :(