Thursday, August 23, 2007

this picture was taken right when we arrived in Texas, aren't they a cute bunch?

My last day in Texas and I did a few photos shots of Marly (about 200) this one is one of my favorite picture, I will have to upload a few more pictures of her that I really like, I'm using my sisters computer and her programs are alittle different from mine, it's a bit difficult to download pictures. It has been a quick 10 days for me but I will be glad to be home tomorrow. I will miss Marly very much.
I had also visited a few scrapbook stores, one in particular called Archivers, I guess their big in the west and midwest area. I had forgotten that Texas has an 8% tax and not to mention that they were a bit over priced, I purchased over 60.00 worth of paper. I will have to put them to good use and not waste any of them.